Back to reality

September 26, 2009 by


Watching all these bikers in Athens riding made miss riding a lot, and wanting to go back to Kuwait to ride my bike…the way motorcyclists ride in Athens is as if they are running away from a volcano, it doesn’t matter if they are ridding a 1300cc bike or just the 50cc delivery scooter…they all ride with an attitude.

Am back in Kuwait now and can’t wait to ride the beast, but unfortunately 2 of my friends crashed a couple of days ago, believe it or not they collided into each other…nothing serious just a couple of cracked rips, a broken arm, and a scare.

The above photo is for a used Desmosedici at a Ducati dealer in Athens with only 600km, they are asking 60000 Euros for it.

  • Amu

    who had accident and on which bikes?

  • Speed

    With your return the weather has improved too so nothing should stop you atleast at night. Let’s do it .

    The asking price of the RR is about right eventhough anyone really serious about getting her,I am sure he can get a good deal from TriStar

  • JoJo

    Unfortunately Kuwaitis only have the public roads to race on,Glad they are both Ok but one does have to take it easy when it comes to using the public roads for normal ridding , let alone racing !!

  • Jimboy

    That red beast looks realy tempting with +200 hp @ 155 kg.Worth every penny,or should I say Euro ?

  • JoJo

    Who & what bike is not important !! What happened could have been avoided.

  • monster4

    ..sorry to hear that..hamdellah 3assalemeh

  • vampire

    i was off in eid and shall resume riding ;)

  • Facelift

    hope they recover soon, and be able to ride when the weather becomes better

  • Jojo

    The good news is that both are out of the hospital. Thanks God

  • Hamad

    and how is reality compared to Athens ?