Return of the retro naked

October 4, 2009 by


Some of the Japanese manufacturers are are going back to their old sketch books and bringing the old naked models to life, the bikes are being produced using the latest technologies and modern materials with very little changes on the original designs.

Unfortunately we don’t have a market for these retro muscle bikes’ here, i guess we lack the taste or maybe the muscles to handle these bikes.

More photos

Yamaha XJR13002009-XJR1300-static

2010 Honda CB1100





i took the below photos in Crete its a Honda CB1300



  • SoLo

    The Honda CB110 looks like a delivery (فطائر) bike…
    Kawazaki looks aggressive…..
    Can’t add comment on Yamaha….. as I know the relationship between you both ;)

  • vampire

    love the honda!! my ultimate dream bike

  • Mais

    Love the title, as perverted as you ;-) -and i don’t even know you -

  • James

    The best examples of the Retro bikes are the Ducati classic range, but again to appreciate these you need to have a built in bike culture which Kuwait lacks

  • lolo

    i love these kind of bikes, but unfortunately very few has the taste for such bikes in Kuwait…all are after what is new, and fashionable.

    They don’t know that fashion comes and goes with the seasons, but style is something you can recognize.

    الزبده: nobody has style ;-)