Smoking The Competition

October 30, 2009 by


Masoud is having an exciting time in Spain, this is his second day at the launch of the S1000RR, and this is what he has to say:

“This is pretty intense. I never in my wildest dreams expected this from the Bavarian giants. We went through some intensive training today about the S1000RR (or as they like to call it here…the RrrrRrrr). We got a chance to make a direct comparison to the competition (see pics). On paper, the RR blows them all out of the water!! It has the best Power to Weight ratio of any production bike world wide, along with lots of juicy bits and peices that the competitors can only dream about (standard Quick Shifter)… I’m only going to list a few, as I will be test riding it tomorrow morning.






I’m pretty anxious and excited. I always thought I was a decent rider, but I was sitting with superbike champs from different countries (Hungary, Poland, Sweden…and many more). Compared to them, I’m a novice!! But I do plan on letting it all hang out!!! I’m geared up and ready.

The streets of Kuwait have never witnessed such a beast…

Now the color schemes…

-All Black (smoking hot!)
-Black and silver (very smooth)
-BMW Racing, White/Blue/Red (WSBK colors)
-Lime Green (everyone seems to like this color except for me)

Some Standard Tech Specs:

-193 BHP / 201 KG (soaking wet)
-Quick Shifter Standard! (with option to modify by rider)
-Race ABS and DTC (all available at the touch of a button, On or Off)
-4 Riding modes available at a touch of a button (Rain, Sport, Racing, Slick)
-Patented Air Channeling Windshield (better aerodynamics and ergonomics)
-The most inclusive instrument panel ever
-adjustable suspension Rebound and Compression (front and rear) using the bike key (no special tools required)
-Height Adjustment

Ladies and gents…in the words of Maximus the gladiator: ” ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!?!”

  • Jojo

    Remains to be seen.When will be in Kuwait ? Any ideas ? I better put off buying a bike for the season.

  • ٩٩٩

    ماكو Ducati?

  • R1

    it might be better than the Honda and Suzuki but not the R1.

  • GSX-R

    the next post will be the most interesting, i hope he is gonna be fair

  • Jojo


    This is a BMW event for BMW S1000RR Superbike so of course there will be no other bikes

  • GSX-R

    i think 999 means how come there is no 1198 in the competition list?
    reckon the s1000rr can’t compete with the 1198

  • Jojo


    I don’t know what 999 means ,,, may he/she can tel us.
    My guess is that when it comes to speed usually it is a claim of the Japanese bikes , no one with a Ducati claims speed , also may be BMW does not concider Ducati due to the number of superbikes they make ( No more than 5000 at best ) while the Japanese make in hundreds of thousands so that is where the money is !!!

  • ٩٩٩

    i meant how come there is no Ducati in the comparison list, they got the RSV4 which which is also produced in small quantities!!!
    but it maybe they are comparing only 4cyl bikes!!

  • JoJo


    I got to agree with you that the comparison with 4 cylinders is the most likely explanation why Ducati is not there

  • Kuwaity

    I have to see whether this bike is for me or not because after riding different bikes in Kuwait, it is clear now that the Italian sports bikes are not suitable for Kuwait’s roads. The Japanese are little better on the road, but still I prefer sports tourers.
    Since this is German made, it might be good on our roads. I will wait before I trade my Benelli for K1300S or a Hayabusa.