Race Ready

November 1, 2009 by

Race ready

Yesterday was Masoud’s 3rd day on the track with the S1000RR, below is his update.

“Where do I begin…Its 5 hours later and I’m still on that adrenaline fix (no pun intended). This wont be a full update…I’ll leave that till I get back home and get my bearings balanced again.
I started off riding in the Red group (the medium to fast group). I was riding up so hard on the instructor that he later put in me in the black group (fast group). Keep in mind that this was my first ever ride on a race track with full leather kit! The only faster group was the double black group and that consisted only of 3 guys that race in the IDM championship. The bike I was riding had a lot to do with that. It was EASY to ride fast!
Keep in mind that the track we were on wasnt the fastest type of track. We never got out of 4th gear. The straight aways were’nt long enough for all on full throttle (I was poppin mad wheelies down the straight pretty much every chance i got).
I cant wait to try this bad boy on the open road (and to try it out head to head with some rice rockets).

I’m gonna leave y’all with some pics and a short video (taken with my mobile phone). I have lots of footage that I’ll have to dump on my laptop from the HD camera when I get back.
Just some quick hits to keep y’all salivating:

-Power wheelies in 3rd gear are a cinch!
-My knee sliders are scratched up like a mofo
-The bike IS as fast as it sounds!
-It looks gooooood (especially in black)
-I cant stress this enough… 193 BHP vs 203 KG (Wet Weight)

Riding on a closed circuit is a beautiful thing. You can push yourself to limits that your bike will thank you for later. When done correctly (the right gear, right bike set up, right tires), there is no other feeliong that beats it.

Who would of thunk it? A BMW Super Sport?

Hell yeah… the S1000RR.”



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  • Kuwaity

    You’re teasing me, I wish that there is a track here in Kuwait so that I can tear my tires!

  • Jojo


    You better check things out at TriStar . I heard they got one coming before end Dec, or just go for the K1300S if you are the Big bike type of guy

  • ٩٩٩

    i would go with the K1300r it has much more aggressive looks, they had an orange demo at al corniche the other day

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    lol thats my bike and its not a demo !!!

  • Kuwaity

    Only three bikes in my mind now, Busa, K13S or K1RR. But will never buy a bike from Tristar. I used to tell Mr. Jafar that your bikes are far more expensive than anywhere in the world, he used to say “ the euro is higher now”. Since I was child I was I always go to tristar with a bike from other dealers. He seems to be angry and say “why you buy this bike come and check this Duacti or that KTM…” I simply reply “I will buy it only if you sell it for the real price”…..

    So once I go to Germany for vacation, simply search for dealers, where You can find the K13S for 4700-5500KD.

  • http://topdark.com vampire

    u lucky @#$&%$

  • ٩٩٩


    I got a good deal on my bike from Jafar, i think the reason behind the high price tag -if any- is that he likes to practice the art of bargaining… and close all deals himself, he likes to know his customers and thats something u won’t get at any other dealer..

    I bought a KD31000 car once and the showroom manager did not even bother to invite for a coffee at his office!!!

    sales men come and go but the owner is here to stay ;-)

  • …..

    I think Tristar Staff do their best to make the customer feel special.
    I’ve never heard of anyone who was dissatisfied (except for Kuwaity who seems to have a personal issue with Tristar).

    Ta Ta

  • Kuwaity

    Yeah whatever, I tried to get good deals but still his price is not fair. He looks at some buyers only and get profit from selling low quantities rather than selling huge quantities with less price. I don’t mind to buy MV or Benelli from the local dealers cos I know what is the real cost even if the tag price is high. But I’m not a fool like the one who bought one of the first Ducati 999 for 6500KD or something and found it in Tristar Dubai for 4500KD

  • Kuwaity

    No you’re totally wrong. Me and Tristar staff know each other from more than 15 years (when I was kid). We meet, get together, and have fun with no problem. I do buy riding gears from them because you know I need something perfectly fit so don’t care if I pay more. But I have never bought a bike from them. Every time I meet Salem or 3ami Jafar they use to say, sell yours and buy from us…….no way.

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline


    I tried most of the local bike dealers, and one thing for sure, TriStar is the most equipped and their mechanics are always up to date, part because they like what they do and part is the training they from the manufacturers’.
    It all come at a cost…you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

    If you ever go to buy a bike from Tristar, try my technique:

    Make sure they know ur very serious and not just window shopping like some guys that go there on weekly basis and never bought anything.

    Go in with a bikebudget in mind and don’t tell them the bike is cheaper in the US, they already know that and don’t need you to remind them that they can’t get the same deal the US dealers get.

    Just tell them you can’t pay more than this but be prepared to pay a just a little over what you called the “real price” everything is more expensive in this country!!!

    Oh and i think you can get the k13s for less than KD 5500 if ur serious ;-)

    Finally, this post is about the S1000RR not Tristar, so guys enlighten us with what you know and feel about the bike.

    am gona print this comment and pay for my next service with it ;-)

  • Kuwaity

    Ok this is has nothing to do with the K1RR, just replying to adrenaline….

    First of all, I like to work with my machines myself and not depend on any one (Even with 40K car) , anyways you’re right about their mechanics.
    Second, They sell a used K12s for 5000, Not a new K13s for 5500!

    Now back to the topic :)

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    i still think you can get the K13s for 5500 ;-)

  • Kuwaity

    I’ll give it a try ;)

  • Jafar Behbehani

    I have been following this discussion & thank u all for the valued input & if u allow me I will elaborate a little bit.
    Compared to all other bikes in Kuwait , you can actually decide by yourself which options you want & the color and it will be made for you, but this requiers pre-planning as you will get it 3 months later. So showroom bikes are ordered in advance and you pay for each bike a different price depending on what options it has .On some models if you do not want ABS you save KD 350 . if u do not want ESA u save more . for the showroom bike you pay for what options it has ,,, even if u might not want them.

    The final price also depends on various factors like is there a trade-in , training , euro exchange rate , quantity of bike/type available , model year , etc etc & that is why it is not a staright fixed price deal .Selling a motorcycle envolves alot of passion. The customer also plays a big role in the price .Is he the kind that rides once every 6 months & the rest of the time the bike is parked (where we do not get any exposure ) ? or he is the type that will ride daily & talks about the bike to others .

    Buying is a personal decision & there will be no deal if the seller & buyer r not happy with the deal .

    Also one final issue for Kuwaity,,, u claim that your friend purchased a 999 for KD 6500 while it was in Dubai for KD 4500 .Being the owner of TriStar Dubai & Kuwait , I assure you that both figure are grossly incorrect . If u friend ‘s bike is 999 ( & not 999S ) & was not brought to Kuwait by Airfrieght as a special order & the invoice did not include other items ,then I am welling to refund him KD 500 . Offer is valid for 2 days

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    There you go, an official respond from the man him self.
    Nice to learn that Mr.Behbehani is following up the discussion and interested in what the bikers’ has to say…we welcome him and hope to read more of his comments.

  • Kuwaity

    It s nice to hear that you follow our comments on the web, it also shows how much you love motorbikes…

    All what you wrote is correct, but, for many years of being a customer I didn’t buy any bike from your showroom because (as I see it) your bikes are priced higher than any where I look.
    Please Don’t take this personal, and don’t think that I’m giving your customers bad image, but this is my personality, I don’t spend a fils on something costs more than what I call the “real price”.

    As for the 999 owner, someone told me the story years ago when we were riding in a group. He isn’t my friend.

    At last, readers note that Tristar is probably the best motorbike company in Kuwait and the their customers approves this (and I’m one of them), but again, this is my personality….

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline


    You made a big accusation over somthing u heard and not sure of!!

    “As for the 999 owner, someone told me the story years ago when we were riding in a group. He isn’t my friend”

    Such statements do a lot of harm for many businesses, i guess u heard it here


  • Kuwaity

    “….I’m not a fool like the one who bought one of the first Ducati 999 for 6500KD or something and found it in Tristar Dubai for 4500KD….”

    Did I mentioned that he is my friend or I personally know him? One of the riders told me the story and I just did not forget it because I said that their bikes are always overpriced. And I don’t think that 40+ year old is lying. Also Ducati usually release the S & R models after the regular one.

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    sorry if I was missunderstood, i did not mean to say anyone is laying here, I just wanted to highlight that unconfirmed info could infelect a lot of damage to companies, and leads to an endless disscusion like what happens on other blogs

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