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November 12, 2009 by


The new BMW K1300S, they got 2 yesterday.. the orange one did not even make it to the showroom -sold-!!! …oh and believe me this bike can vomit on the fastest bikes around.

  • R1

    i have seen the k1300r racing a Hayabusa and a 1000gsxr, both couldn’t overtake it -at least as far as my eyes could see-
    But I’m sure the Hayabusa passed it after 1km that’s when the aerodynamics starts working is the Hayabusa favor.

  • JoJo

    Everyone seems to talk only about speed !! On a road legal bike it is not only how fast u go but also how effectively u stop !! How much tire u consium,how is the handeling in not so streight lines etc etc .BMW can afford adding lots of feasures to the bike casue the customers will pay a premium,,,, No one will pay that kind of premium for a Japanese bike.