November 25, 2009 by

Last Friday i had a small accident, i fell of my bike…the road was straight and my speed was around 70-80km,  all i can recall is that i felt like i have hit something and the front wheel started shaking i tried to ease the head shake by accelerating to unload the weight of the front wheel… it worked for a couple of seconds just to come back harder than before and the bike became like a raging bull on a rodeo ring and throw me away.

I managed to stand up and walk away from the street, my nose was bleeding as i was wearing an open face helmet with the visor removed …any way i ended up with a dislocated left shoulder, dislocated right pinky, cracked left toe, deeply scuffed right knee and a broken nose…i could have avoided the nose injury if i was wearing a full face helmet, and the knee cut if i was wearing my riding jeans not a regular jeans.

Now am all wrapped up like a mummy and enjoying the pain killers high, i just realized that 5 days already passed

  • vampire

    get well soon and back to riding enshala
    u need a nose job? i can recommend a plastic surgeon for u ;)

  • Amu

    Get well soon..which bike were you on?

  • Don Quixote

    Italians are great designers but lousy manufacturers! If this accident hasn’t straightened your brain and you wana keep on doing this, get urself a Japanese bike! Get well soon

  • JoJo

    Like I always say one never knows when an accident happens , even to the best experienced ridders,so NEVER drop your guards even on very short trips.

    Salamat & get well soon . Glad nothing more serious happened.

    We wre hoping you donate your blood , not spill it on asphalt

  • JoJo

    And btw u look good in this picture !!

  • SoLo

    Salamat…. So .. r u ready for tomorrow ride :P

    Get well soon 7abib

  • Ayman

    Salamat , i hope that u will get soon….

  • a7medo

    5a6ak il sew inshala, hope u r feeling better now :)

  • Mathai

    oh sorry to hear about your accident, hope you get well soon and back in the saddle.


    Salmaat! Hope u feel better soon!

  • eshda3wa

    salamaat !

  • S8

    so, u wanted to know if get encouraged to ride again?

  • S8

    and as jojo said, u look good in that pict

  • Adrenaline

    @ Don, would u drive a Japanies car?

    @ S8, I will riding as soon as I can, I have got to show off my torn jacket, looks really cool with blood and all.

    @ evreybody else, thank u all

  • khalid

    i was there bro wish all the best have a good recovery time only to join us again .
    from all the Ducati club kuwait
    Bu ahmed



  • JoJo

    Shame that in Kuwait we still lack a good Emegency Service ,,from the first call to the last Dr. in ER.

    This is why I always preach safety to avoid needing losesy Medical Service.

    Biiiiiig Salamat

  • Bu Yousef

    Salamaat…. Kha6ak isoo…
    Get well soon. Was it an excuse for a nose job? You could have walked into a door instead. :) All the best wishes to you.



    I wouldn’t want to imagine what would’ve happened had you not had your helmet on. Al7amdela all is well with the thing protecting your head. I cringe every time a biker passes by me in the street with the head exposed. So, kudos to you for that :)

    First timer here…… kha6ak elssoo!

  • Adrenaline

    Thank u all, and wellcome aboard QWETRY

  • Ayman

    Hamdelah 3ala elsalama