The Aging Busa

January 16, 2010 by

A couple of my friends are hard core Hayabusa fans, they have ridden almost all kind of bikes but they swear by the Hayabusa, the other day we were having coffee at TriStar and they were asking me about my K1300R and if it really performs like a 1300cc machine..they were like: we know it has good breaks and traction -a couple of things the Haybusa lacks- but is it as fast as Busa ?

My answer was: yes it is very powerful but it can’t compete with thr Hayabusa when it comes to top end speed becuase its a naked bike and lacks the wind tunnel aerodynamics the Busa has….we had a long debate then decided to put both machines to the test, so we went to a place were we can test them, we did a couple of test runs then 2 final runs to crown a winner.

My K1300R is a stock machine, the only thing that is not stock is the mirrors and as far as i know they would not add any extra horse power.

The Busa on the other hand has 40cc more than my K1300r, a full Akrapovic Evo exhaust system, race air filter, a power commander with the auto tune feature.

The sight and sound of both machines taking off is indescribable, they sound amazing and just seconds after the go signal they disappear in the horizon leaving  you with the back fire pop when they shift gears…it was like watching 2 F1 cars taking off …damn it was a cool sight.

The results of the 2 rounds were in favor of the K1300R, in the first round we started from a stand still and K1300R took the lead immediately and left the Busa around 3 bikes behind the Busa couldn’t pass the K1300R until the bikes reached the 180 to 200km speed, then the ram air and the aerodynamics of the Busa start working and it takes the lead..the second round was from a 50km speed, and again the k1300R takes the lead by a bike until the bikes reaches the speed where the Busa aerodynamics start working.

What i really like to see is the same test between the Busa and S1300R K1300S -the faired version of the K1300R-.

We wanted to test the breaking power, but the Hayabusa is known of its bad breaks and every Hayabusa owner admits it.

  • Ayman

    see the following link

    this link has a small comparison between the Busa and the K1300s… interesting to read despite the fact that it has many aspects of a comparison missing

  • Shaghab


  • Halima

    There comes a time were we all age :-(

  • GSXR

    The god father is dying, and beefing with after market mods is becoming usless..Suzuki should revamp it

  • JoJo

    The faired version of K1300R is not the S1000RR !! It is the K1300S ,,,,,,, test the Busa agains that & then judge !! S1000RR is a different class & comparison with Busa is not fair !

  • Adrenaline

    @ JoJo

    Sorry i meant to say the K1300S not the S1300R

  • RSV

    1300cc are like dinosaurs, i don’t know why people still ride these machines!!!

    I am fine with the BMW because it’s used a lot for touring, but why do you need a Busa when you have GSXR 1000, who would use the Busa for touring ?

  • LJ

    RSV bollox man have you ever rode a busa?
    I think not, nothin will touch it, how the hell can you compare a busa with a bmw they make cars dont they?Iv been to france spain on mine.I think you are the dinosaur,get a grip man.