Aprilia RSV4R

February 4, 2010 by

A couple of weeks ago i visited Bike World to check the new Guzzi models and was told that they are getting the new Aprilia RSV4R soon, yesterday i was in Shuwaikh so i decided to drop in and check if the bike has arrived, and i wasn’t disappointed..the bike was there..and apparently it just arrived today… they had both the black and white versions.

The bike has the same engine of the Factory version but without the Öhlins suspension, the forged rims, and the couple of carbon pieces, the price difference is huge and makes the RSV4R very affordable, the bike is the size of 600cc but with the 1000cc engine, it has the most aggressive looks among the one liter bikes.

Oh and the visit is not complete without a look at the Vespas’

  • WaHaBz

    i like the rear fender it`s sharp…special the white one

  • WaHaBz

    i like the white one

  • Micky

    how affordable is affordable ;-)

  • http://www.kuwait4x4club.com Mohd

    Looks like your after a new buy.

  • MediaChick

    i want all the vespas

  • GSX-R

    i like the looks, reviews are very good, price close to the 2010 GSXR, thinking of getting one but need to see how it perform against the japs ;-)

  • WaHaBz

    i like the rear fender special on the white own

  • Bu Abbas

    I’m starting to belive that you’r going to swich sides:p

  • Busa

    @ Micky,

    i checked it yesterday, i like it and its selling for KD5000 very close the the gxsr and the R1

  • SD

    have u guys heard the aprilia rsv4 factory n the R stock exhaust???…….man trust me man once u shift from N to the 1st gear, ur definelty gona b stunned.

    hmm i think performance wise its awsome….n the Rsv4R ,having a look at the price, all im gonna say is Ma sallam to japanese bike….

    cheers guys .. ride safe =)