Reviewing the RSV4 Factory

March 4, 2010 by

Bike World brought in a demo RSV4 Factory, and i got it to test ride it over the weekend…..hope the weather gets better.

  • SD

    hows it going so far???

  • Adrenaline

    Well, as soon as i start the bike the weather changes !!!

  • SD

    dayum…. they say the weathers gonna be like this for the weekend….. anways keep us posted on the performance yeah..


  • MediaChick

    That’s one HOT looking bike, as if it had a botox job for the lower lips :-0

  • vampire

    enjoy a dusty ride
    bwaaahaaahaaaaa ““““`

  • WaHaBz

    they say all this summer it will be dusty…i love kuwait !!!

  • Busa

    its the most beautiful bike in market -after the Hayabusa- ;-)

  • Mohd Jery

    Soooo How was it?