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March 19, 2010 by

Bike World just launched the KTM store, the store is actually part of the Bike World showroom but KTM branded and only showcase KTM products.

The exciting news is that they have a demo RC8, and those interested in a test ride can call to schedule a test ride.

  • Amu

    The adcenture looks nice..is it both on and off road?

  • khaled

    If you r in the market for KTM , you should check out TriStar as they might still have few units in stock for a good price

  • q80lucifer

    Nice to see the KTM back in the Market

  • Busa

    Khaled, you can never get a good deal from TriStar

  • Khaled


    Just as a mater of interest , how many times you were a serious buyer at TriStar and did not get a good deal to make that your statement ?? They are in this business since 1978 ,,,, somebody must have got a good deal for TriStar to stay in business this long !!! Seems that making unfounded acuasations is easy on the net !!

  • Busa

    Honestly speaking i never bought a bike directly from TriStar, -all my Ducs were preowned- but a lot of my close friends did, and some payed KD400 extra for the same bike with the same specs.
    The problem is that there is a price tag on every bike at TriStar but that price is flexible meaning it can go down up to KD500, were as at any other dealer the maximum discount one can get never exceeds KD100.
    i can take the KD100 difference in price with a pinch of salt but a KD400 is a bit difficult to swallow.
    On the other hand, i believe they have a very good garage, and well trained mechanics.. i used to even service my Jap there.

  • Khaled


    Since u never bought a bike from TriStar , I took the liberty of asking them about the price variations. Here are some of the explanations I got.
    1- Due to size of the market they usually get small shipments of bikes that make the shiping expensive
    2- Some bikes are brought in by air & that is the reason for some big price differences on similar bikes
    3- For some bikes they actually provide VIP cards which entitles the customer to two years of FREE maintenance
    4- two identical bikes might be of diferent prices due to the exchange rate of Euro/Kd at the time & sometimes that is considerable
    5-many times customers get additional gifts that they usually do not disclose when they speak about the price of the bike.

    There are also many other reasons like the cost of doing business in Kuwait. Also the support business some bike importers have. Like Suzuki & Honda depend on the cars,while YAMAHA depends on the Marine business,,, aslo the fact that they have their own facilities that are rented from the Govt. for peanuts while TriStar pays expensive rent for their facilities
    But above all as you said they have good mechanics & for that they spend alot for getting them factory training . That is what they had to say & sounded logical to me & u can look at the way u want.

  • moteri

    there are many dealers that pay way more rent than tristar and offer better prices. and i dont see why would someone start a business and fly their bikes in! as far as gifts, well if i am paying that much then i would like to see more gifts:P and i agree with you as far as market size but still it shouldn’t be this high.

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  • Abdul wahab

    Hi I need ktmrc200