America’s First Motorcycle in Kuwait

June 12, 2010 by

Indian Motorcycles will soon be available locally, the showroom is next to Bike World showroom in Shuwikh..they have a couple of used Jap bikes in display for disguise, but soon they will be replaced with the full range of Indian Motorcycle.

  • mohd Jery

    Wooow Thats so cool. we need to see more Indian’s on the road :-)

  • 1000 RR

    more of this type of bikes means more accidents
    these bikes have no safety what so ever
    i had one before and its as good as a 150 cc scooter

  • mohd Jery

    @ 1000RR

    What kind of an Indian did you have and what model was it.

  • 1000 RR

    Chief Classic
    last year model
    it was in Cyprus

  • Busa

    like we need more noise!!!!

  • Bu Yousef

    Post title, content and comments can be very misleading :)