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July 4, 2010 by

Brembo launched its helmet line, the helmets are developed by Brembo in collaboration with Newmax, and they are designed to offer improved safety and comfort as well as great looks, the helmets introduce a number of innovative features for the market, like the new Automatic Fit Belt and a unique shape of the visor.

B-jet It is a jet helmet with a “light and open” styling, stemming from the special design and slant of the dynamic lines of the shell. The technological and light design of this helmet is dedicated to the urban bikers who are already travelling today on the roads of tomorrow.

B-jet is equipped with the retractable Automatic Fit Belt system and weight 1.050 kg.

B-tech is the first and sole full face urban helmet at present on the market, with the widest field of vision. This has been attained thanks to the study of a special profile, conceived to guarantee optimal panoramic vision, and the special extra space visor, designed to supplement the design of the shell.  B-tech is equipped with the retractable Automatic Fit Belt system, and weight 1.350 kg.

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  • Mohd Jery

    I think it’s cool to have Brembo on our heads as it increases the braking horse power for the bike and make as feel safe :-)

    It is a nice looking helmet for scooters and city bikes. The strap is made by Sabelt the leaders in production of racing seatbelts and seats owned by Brembo Group.
    The strap is 3cm wide made from silky skin friendly material to ensure comfort for the rider.

    Any one now the price and how to get one?

  • Gaby

    It is always best to stick to what you know best!
    It is probably just a franchizing case of ridding on the success of the brand

  • Adrenaline

    @Gaby so ur saying that the Desmorosso is no good?

  • Gaby

    well ,,,, protecting your head is one thing , getting a high is something else !!!

  • Memhukau

    i want buy this helmet,,,