More on the Mega Monster

July 15, 2010 by

150+ bhp, 1200cc, and superbike performance, to be unleashed in November.

  • sd

    by the looks, its ugly and too huge for wat a ducati monster is known

    still have got to peek on the specs i suppose

  • WaHaBz

    is the engine air or liquid cooler?

  • 1000 RR

    Wahabz! from my pour experience on ducati engines
    150 hp means water coolant

  • Mohd Jery

    It is an Ugly bike. but it you add 150HP, Ducati Logo and the red color you expect it to perform and act like a super bike.

    Let me put it this way we bring Shrek and every one knows him. No… no …no
    Shrek is 2 nice we will replace him with Godzilla then take him to Ducati showroom in Japan give him a Ducati polo shirt, place him behind a desk as a sales man. your first impression as you walk in will be Woooow Godzilla is so cool and for sure he knows every thing about Ducati and performs like a Desmo Engine delivering maximum level of costumers service.

    In reality Godzilla is a character that don’t know anything about bikes or how to ride one and he will die in the end of the movie.
    But Ducati is a strong brand with millions of fan’s, customers and supporters like me. so if they come up with a scooter ill be the firs to buy :-)

  • Adrenaline

    @sd i belive this is a new line from Ducati and not an addition to the Monster line, they want a piece of Yamaha V-Max and Harley V-Rod market.
    i did not like Ducati Street Fighter, but a lot of people finds it very beautiful…i guess its a bit to early to judge oh and that is one sissy headlight for muscle bike.

    @ Jery looooooool