Good morning Marmaris

August 9, 2010 by

1545km from our house in Syria to the Hotel in Marmaris, it was a fun and tiring ride…we rode day and night, on narrow twisty roads and on wide open highways, on road and off road, slept at five star hotels and on the sidewalk next to a gas station….went from zero to 2km elevation -according to Mr.Garmin-, we even rode thru the car shower with the bikes when the weather was hot.

We arrived early evening yesterday, unpacked took a shower and went down to check out the city, will be staying 2 nights then take the ferry to Rhodes.

  • 1000 RR

    that cool man
    walla i miss that scenery

  • vampire

    i hate you

  • Sarge

    Wow !!!! some ride it must have been. I hope I can join you guys someday :-)

  • Mohd Jery

    Only two days in Turkey. thats toooo fast
    Was the B King on one wheel all the time and chased by the Police :-).
    Have fun be safe in Greece and take your time Malakas.

  • Adrenaline

    Samhan was racing everyone on the roads, including police cars and if there was no one to race he raced his shadow :-)

  • Bu Yousef

    Now that’s what I call a road trip.
    Enjoy – bissalama.

  • WaHaBz

    it looks great break fast

  • sd

    amazing trip guys have fun… ride safe