A benchmark for street bikes

October 7, 2010 by

The Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC Special Edition is serious track bike it applies Aprilia’s track technology and experience to Aprilia’s supersports road bikes, the new RSV4 APRC -Aprilia Performance Ride Control- special edition comes with adjustable traction control -8 settings- , wheelie control -3 settings-, launch control -3 settings-, quick shifter and an ECU derived from Aprilia’s SBK bike.

This bike is almost a clone Max Biaggi‘s bike, i believe it is the most beautiful bike currently in market -not locally- .

  • Hamad

    true it is the most beautiful bike, but the problem is the price and the brand reputation locally.

    am guessing we’ll see a couple of bikes on the roads in a couple more years.

  • sd

    @ Hamad….. i guess thers a new dealership for Aprilia Kwt, bike world, i ve got a couple of frenz who have the aprilia rsv4r n factory ……and the new dealership has good aftersales service and also realy helpful……….the fact is that, things change but people are to stuck up here and dont wana give a try…..

    Beautiful bike it is sir :)

  • Busa

    the bike has the looks and the power but it doesn’t maintain its value like other bikes, i just sold my one year old hayabusa and i only lost 300kd, name a bike that you can use for a year and marly lose around 7% of its value.
    but then again maybe this bike is not for bikers that are expecting a return on their investment

  • Z.mJ

    Busa has a point as the demand for Jap bikes is more then for European.
    and still we didn’t see lots of the RSV4 on the street or used one for sale.