No Place to Race

October 25, 2010 by

A cool video from the Australian government by Mike Doohan about the dangers of street racing.

Check out their site.

  • Sarge

    Ya but what choice does Kuwait give to the riders besides the roads. Where is that track?
    hmmmmm anyway stay safe guys

  • Z.mJ

    Respect to the Australian government and the art director. its an old add but says a lot.
    @ Sarge … why do we need a track you can always use the one in Bahrian, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi all of them are waiting for Us :-)

  • Busa

    not all can afford the cost of going all the way to Bahrain and back, especially non Kuwaitis as they must fly there because of a stupid KSA law that doesn’t allow them to pass thru KSA unless they are going to their home countries and not Bahrain, Qatar or Dubai.
    again how many times can one make the 500km to 1500km trip to Bahrain or Dubai before saying “fuck it, its fucking tiring” ?

  • Sarge

    well cause we have to cross the borders plus the expenses to get there and hotel expenses also need to take leave instead of just a weekend blast right here. Not all have the luxury and why should Kuwait stay behind in this matter. Loads of bikers and not to forget a lot of talent being wasted on the streets. It does not have to be a world class track you know just a designated track with all saftey measures.
    I do plan to get to Bahrain if I can afford and time permits :-) would love to join you guys for my first track day ever. So I could look forward to some good tips and better my skills.

  • Sarge

    Harsh words Busa. But I hear you and feel the pain I am sure you can choose better words though it’s just a discussion.
    You see coming back to the point I am sure there are a lot of bikers here that would love to feel the adrenaline ;-) being released on a track but cant do so and end up releasing it on the roads. Exactly what the australian govt and mick are telling us not to do but if there is no facility which is easily accessible it’s quite frustating. If you ride a sports bike you know why you purchased it right cant hide that fact and every once a while you will not be able to resist a twist of the trottle. It would be a lot better to that in a secured location thats all. And man we live in Kuwait not some third world country.

  • vampire

    Kuwait IS a third world country

  • Biker

    First of all it is a great add.
    The problem in Q8 is that everyone waits for the Govt. to do something. The wealth made by the major Car Importers is mind blowing .Any one of them (or together ) should afford to make a track for cars & bikes. It is income generating & can be good for selling fast cars & make more money,,,,but ,,,, let the Govt do it!!
    By the way there is a project since 15 years , but as we all know this is Kuwait (Que,,,& ,,,wait )

  • Hamad

    nice conversation you have here, here is my 2 Fils on the subject.
    such project is bigger than the car dealers, the government should take the initiative and am sure all major companies will support not only the car dealers….but unfortunately the government is busy with الاستجوابات

  • Bu Yousef

    Can’t say anything about the lack of facilities in Kuwait… This video is fantastic. I like how they very realistically placed the objects outside the track.