The 6iq Taqies ride Losail

March 8, 2011 by

A small clip of a warm up lap at Losail.

Losail is a very nice and fast track, its 5.380 km in length, 12 meters width, has 10 right corners and 6 left ones with a main straight of 1,068 meters, it also has a good safe area just incase you like running out wide like me.

In 2007, the track was equipped with lighting for night races and became the largest sport venue with permanent lighting in the world, but it recently lost the title to Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

The first night race in MotoGP history was the Commercialbank Grand Prix of Qatar in March 2008.

There are 4 track days in April, so if you are interested in releasing some steam riding your bike or your car,check the 2011 Track day Calendar.

  • AK

    sheesh thats the warm up? Must be the mundi effect ^_^
    Put the camera on the stig, lets see if he still got it :P

  • Q8Moto

    that was the stig, i was running out wide all the time.

    I’ll post that soon


    Nice sound!

    • Q8Moto

      Japanese ;-)