Return of the minimalist legend

April 12, 2011 by

I love it when a manufacturer  goes back to the old blue prints and bring to life an old great bike, the Vespa PX was born back in 1977, it was the best selling bike at Vespa and now after 34 years the PX is back with the same retro styling, a 2 stroke engine with automatic mixer that meets the strictest Euro 3 standards, a side spare wheel, a kick starter, glove compartment a four-speed gearbox that utilizes the left handle bar grip to shift between gears which should make it much more fun to ride than the automatic ones.

I should start finding a space for this one.

  • Ecletic Kuwaiti

    It would be so exciting to drive this Vespa around. I love what they’ve done with it. It reminds me of Europe for some reason.

  • Ahmed

    Aziz, when it comes to Kuwait, i will give it a shot with Nabel and see if i can win this time. :P

  • Q8Moto

    This one is not for racing, but posing on it will definitely turn some heads including Nabeel’s :)

  • BuYousef

    From a man with a very inexperienced eye this looks beautiful. In my opinion though it’s like wearing a linen shirt and trousers: they look great on kings road Chelsea, but in Kuwait it just looks like you didn’t iron your clothes. This in Kuwait would belong to a salesman on a roundabout :)

    Or is it just me?

  • ahmed

    BuYousef, you would be shocked if you knew the number of owners and who they are in kuwait. we were expecting more expats with a special need to be in the office fast, but we still have not seen any customer with such needs.