Too hot to handle

December 8, 2011 by

Once again the local KTM dealership is up for grabs, Bike World is no longer the local KTM dealer and according to insiders Bike World decided to part with KTM because of their pricing policy which is a lot higher compaired to countries.

On the other hand, Bike World will still offer spare parts and support for its KTM costumers.

  • Ali

    here we go again

  • Coolbiker48

    If TriStar gave KTM up after 22 years, I can’t see how they can make it with anyone else.

  • Ops

    coolbiker it has nothing to do with how long dealer has it, its how many they sold in one year that counts, and trust me i have seen more ktm bikes last year than the past 20 years.

  • Coolbiker48

    did you check the model years of the bikes you saw?

  • Ops

    yep, seems to be pretty new stuff