Bonjours Paris

June 11, 2012 by

My dear friend Hussain Al Samhan is in Paris, and he just sent me this photo.

He usually ride his bike all the way to Europe, but this year was an exception because riding thru Syria is not safe and there are no ferries from Egypt to Italy so he had to ship the bike to Morocco and tour Morocco then ride the ferry from there to Spain and ride the bike thru Spain all the way to Paris. I’m gona try to join him, but am not gona ship any of my bikes as am trying to buy a bike from France or Italy and spend a month touring Europe on it then sell it or just leave at a friend’s place.

I hope ill be able to do it before Hussain comes back.

  • Crotherslane

    Omg! I can’t believe he is in Paris with his bike but won’t come visit me in the US. He hasn’t changed in the 20 years I’ve known him. Hedy. :)

  • CharlesandSarah

    Please tell Hussain that his old friend Charles in Maryland would love to touch base with him. He was in our wedding in 1997. What is the best way to reach him?

    • Aziz

      Hi Charles, you can contact him on +965 99873959

      • CharlesandSarah

        Oh, that is great, thanks. When will you see or talk to him next?

        • Aziz

          i see him every weekend, i already told him about you and he was very excited and asked me if i get your contacts.
          anyway you can reach him at the number i posted earlier or send me you number and i’ll forward it to him