The first 4 days

July 23, 2008 by

Writing this post was not easy ..u see i wanted to put a schedule for our daily routine here, well come to think of it its not really a routine.

Apart from the timings and the activities, the places, faces and the endings are totally difrrent.

I was not sure how put this in context, but the day here doesn’t start at 8 or 9am.. its a bit deferent it usually start at around 9pm -yes pm-

At around 9pm you we are at the hotel Bar having  a couple of glasses of skim milk 😉 and mingling with the good people there, by 11 we’ll be at the Square -the place where all is action is- looking for a pub to have diet coke, at the pub the music is too loud to socialize thru speech we socialize thru dancing and having more coke..

It 2am already…!!! its time to go clubbing, at the club its a bit deferent as u don’t need to socialize because you already had enough of that at the pub and the results of that are already with you… and they are taking care of your energy levels by keeping you dancing and sipping on your energy  drinks 😉

At 4am its time to hit the Reggie joint..over there we chill…have a smoke, and jam to the words of the legend…

And before you even know its 7am and its time for breakfast but since the one served at the hotel has a lot of variety, 15 min away, and it require a lot of energy which what we lack…so we stale for one below.

Time for we head back to the hotel to have our daily dose of caffeine and to enjoy a refreshing shower in miditrainain waters.

Around 9am its time to get some sleep, so we find a sun bed in the shade and pass out until 3 or 4pm, at 6pm we go up to the rooms, shower, change, shoot a couple of emails and transfer the photos we shot to the laptop making space for the next day ones.


The above was performed by professionals in a controlled environment, please do not attempt to recreate or perform any activity you may see or read in this post.

Please excuse me for any typos or grammar mistakes, as this post was written under the influence of diet coke.