What the hell is this?

August 12, 2008 by

Vyrus is the name-sure looks like one- and its not a prototype..so if you want one you get one.

This Italian beauty-if i may say so- weighs 157kg, and pumps 150hp is that good or what?The company is offering two models, the 984C which is powered by a Ducati DS 1000 engine, and the 985C powered by a Ducati 999 engine.

Jotting my thoughts….

Front suspension

What about it?

Can you trust it?

I guess so

Will it handle well?

Its light…the lightest motorcycle in the world-in it category-

How much is it?

What’s the price has to do with the handling?

If its expensive then it should handle well, right?


Would i buy one?

How much is it again?