Lonely Ride

August 15, 2008 by

My plan for today was to meet Anas and the guys at 4:30am for a ride and then take a dip in the pool when am back, but being late as always-El nom sultan-and not waking up on time-even though i slept on the couch- i missed them, and by 5:15 when i was all set and ready they were already at Caribou Coffee -Al Juliah- so i decided to ride along the gulf road then go for a coffee somewhere.

The weather was cool and nice, a lot of people were either jogging, walking their dogs, or just going home after having spent the night at the beach, 30min later it suddenly felt like i was riding inside an oven, it was so hot that i had to forget about the coffee and just head back home..i even decided to skip the pool because i just couldn’t spend a minute in the sun..i guess i won’t be riding again any time soon.