Waiting to board

August 22, 2008 by

The trip from Kuwait to Athens was an easy one, i had the three seats all for myself so i slept all the way to Athens, in Athens i had to wait 6 hours for Santorini flight.

I visited Greece a lot especially on my way to the US, and i used to the ferry to take me to the islands, but because this trip was planned -this time- and the timing of the speed ferry was not suitable, i decided to take the plane.

I did not feel like leaving the airport and spending the 6 hours in Athens so as soon as we landed i went to the lounge to rest, but to my surprise they did not have any 2 or three seater couches for me to continue my nap.

I left the lounge and just hang around the airport then found a 5 seater and slept until it was time to board.

Some photos of Santorini from inside the plan,