Guess what’s in the box

November 12, 2008 by


I was at TriStar workshop today, and i noticed that they had some new boxes around so i asked the guys there: what’s in them?….they said it’s the couple of Monsters’ and 1098s’, but they were very excited about it.. which made me go mmmmm.

So i decided to sneak around and read the labels on the boxes, and guess what…i found?

1 of the 1500 Desmosedici RR





Oh and listen to this, it has an Unpacking Manual…!

Unpacking Manuel

They bike would sell around KD 27000, yes Twenty Seven Thousand Kuwait Dinars -79000 Euro-…and if you’re like me thinking who the hell is willing to spend that much on a bike…then think again apparently they already have 2 deep, or may i say 2 very very deep pocketed bidders.

I also heard that 2 were already sold in Dubai.

This 200hp bike looked like a beast caged in a metal box waiting for someone to unleash it.. it looked so powerful and sexy i just can’t wait to have a look at it when it reaches the showroom -if it ever goes there-