Tehran..Until we meet again

December 14, 2008 by


I got back this morning and went strait to the office..the trip was really exciting, and the best part is that you get to see and feel the real thing, watching, reading, and listing to the media can be very very deceiving…i was really impressed how the country is well developed, clean -no litter, very polluted thou- and how its people work hard to make a living…

People from all around the world come to do business..am gussing i was the only tourist at the hotel, it was full of  business people and you can hear their conversations while in the lobby having coffee.. its all about business deals

This is a country with more than 50 percent of it’s population under the age of 25, so u can imagine the energy ….it’s in the air, you feel ashamed of saying i’am tired or Mali Kholg…

The young generation doesn’t like the restrictions imposed on them by the governing system but they do find a way around it and when you say the US might wage a war against Iran they would laugh and make fun of it…you can name almost any international brand name and you’ll find it there, but made in Iran licensed by the brand it self.

Tehran is huge and the traffic is very bad, that’s because its surrounded by mountains that keeps fresh air away especially in winter…the pollution is really bad, people listen to the radio before leaving home in the morning as they maybe advised to stay home because the pollution rate has reached a dangerous level.

Take a look at the area between the 2 red lines on the photo above -click to enlarge-, that area is Tehran and you can’t see it because of the pollution.. usually when it rains or become a bit windy you will see the whole city from where it took this photo.

Another bad thing is that english is not widely spoken so you might have a hard time communicating..but an english word from here, a farsi word from there..topped up with an arabic word you’ll be able to convey a message.

I would like to visit other cities in Iran..as the capital city of any country is not the whole picture.

Recommendation: definitely worth a visit but make sure you have a to do list before going.

I still have some material to post as soon as i get the time to do so.