Z Bmers R here

February 24, 2009 by


Its been a while since i raided TriStar workshop to check on any new models they might have received and still in the boxes, so i decided to pass by today after lunch as i had a hunch that my dessert could be there.


And what a dessert it was, it strated with the K1300R then the K1300GT and finally the F800GS.

The K1300R is the bike i like the most, it got a slight face left which i did not like when i saw the photos, but after saying the beast in person i had to change my mind and develop a taste for the new look…the bike became more aggressive yet very modern and civilized it has the kind of looks that you won’t get fed up of, they had the new color it called Lava something…the color makes the bike looks like a hot busty babe in a sexy bikini.

The K is fully loaded with BMW technology, On board computer, electronic suspension, tire pressure censors, ABS breaks, anti skid system, heated grips, gear shift assistant and the list goes on…the anti skid and the gear shift assist makes the bike almost race ready, now i don’t know if the anti skid can be switched off..as i would like to try a burnout like this. 

The K1300GT comes with almost the same features of the K1300R plus the heated seat, it has the same engine of the K which makes it a comfy ride for long trips, especially for those of you that cross the border to KSA to eat مندي on weekends 😉 .


The F800GS is a cool looking bike for those who thinks the 1200GS is too big and 650GS is too small.


The bikes were being prepared to be sent to the showroom so am guessing they will be there tomorrow or the day after, its a long weekend so go take a look.