Manage Your Seats more Professionally !

May 14, 2009 by


A friend gave a ticket for a seminar organized by the Kuwait Chapter of the International Advertising Association, it’s about how to “Manage Your Ideas more Professionally” ..i don’t usually attend events organized by this “association” because i think its a waste of time, but my friend insisted that i should ..because the famous German dude Ralf Langwost is giving the seminar i accepted, not becuase i knew who Ralf Langwost is, but because i didn’t want to look ignorant if i didn’t.

For some weird reason the seminar was in a ballroom at Hyatt Hospital !!!

So anyway i went there, the hostess at the door gave the directions were to find a seat ..she opened the door to a room that was around 6m x 6m and packed with people just like a big sardine can…she couldn’t even open the door fully to let me in because there was people setting next to the door..i had to squeeze myself in only to find that there were no seats available ! i wasn’t the only one ..a couple of guys were already standing outside and making fun of it…how could someone organize an event like this and sells tickets -mine had the  “paid Delegates” stamp on it so it was not free – and not have enough seats ?

Yallah.. at least Mr.Langwost could now go back to Germany and write a book on seat management.