BMW Road Master

May 29, 2009 by


The straight six has been rumored for a long time. The new 1300 engine isn’t short on power, last I checked it produced between 160 to 175hp in various K models, so I don’t really see the need for a six, even if the Goldwing has it.
The current flying brick engine in the K1200LT first appeared in 1985 as a 1000cc engine and has been tweaked to the max and is more than ready to be retired. So, a new flagship LightTruck is due. I’m sure it will have every bell and whistle known to man, I wonder if iDrive will be included from their car line.

Rummers of a 6 cylinder LT has been around for a while, but now it seams these rummers are kind of true, the iDrive System and electronic seats are some of it’s features.

Gold Wing here comes the LT.