Ducati StreetFighter

June 8, 2009 by


The term “streetfighter” originated from stripping the fairing of superbikes then adding high bars to create an urban bike with easier handling, the new Ducati Streetfighter is based on unfaired 1098/1198 superbikes, and is here to replace the Monster S4Rs.

Most of the parts in the Streetfighter are new in one way or the another…the engine is almost a straight lift of the 1098, except for the crankcases which are the from the 1198’s -3kg lighter-, the chassis is the same as the 1198’s with a different geometry, the rear subframe is new and shortens the bike by three inches compared with the 1098, the fuel tank is new so is the exhaust, the traction control (DTC) is also the same as the 1198’s and has eight setting so you can change these setting depending on your testosterone level.

I believe the Streetfighter will be a thrilling bike, and i would like to have a go on it but it has one problem that is the lack of wind protection…but again you can’t criticize a naked bike for the lack of fairing right?