Got Connected

July 1, 2009 by


The internet at the hotel is lousy and very expensive -3 KDhr- and advertising for the 3.6 HSDPA USB stick is here, there and everywhere, so we decided to get it… hailed a cab and asked him to take us to the nearest Vodafone branch…walked-in and asked for 2 devices on a prepaid plan..we were asked for ID thats when they found out that we are tourists and not residents and was turned down, the cab was still waiting for us outside to take us back to the hotel and he asked why we came back empty handed.. we told him..he asked if they would accept his ID we said we could try, so we went back in again he presented his ID and got us 2 devices.

The thing cost KD20, 10 for the device and another 10 for the unlimited plan!!!