Optimate™ 3+ Desulfating Battery Charger

October 22, 2009 by


I haven’t been riding my bikes this summer, i was either traveling or the weather is too hot to ride…i think more than 4 month have past since i last started them up…that made the batteries really weak, but they were still able to crank the engine, so i figured if i don’t do something about it really quick they will probably die and have to change them.

So i went and bought the Optimate 3+ battery charger, the charger comes with a Ducati adapter and i bought an extra adapter for the BMW, it verify, tests, and confirms whether the battery can retain sufficient charge to crank the engine, it applies ‘first aid’ for up to 2 hours, to recover the battery so it can again accept charge…then it engages the long term maintenance mode, it “floats & tests” 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, so the battery is always 100% ready, but never overcharged.

I hooked it to the BMW and left over night to charge, the next morning i went to check it just to find out that the cleaners decided to hose the parking and that my Optimate 3+ was completely wet…it was actually swimming in a small pool of water but still working!! i unplugged it and went to read the manual to check what could be done…to my surprise the thing turns out water broof!!

Lesson learned: always read the manual before operating anything no matter how silly you may think it is.