A Bat From Hell

October 29, 2009 by


Our fellow rider and blog contributer Masoud is in Spain for the launch of the new BMW super bike, he just sent us this update:

” Landing in Barcelona, I was wisked away to a secret location. It seemed like I was headed to a Nucluer Reactor’s location. The driver wouldn’t tell me where we were headed to (or he just didnt understand a word of english)…

Arriving at “the spot”, I was greeted in the lobby by two smooth looking bikes…from a distance you could swear they were the latest rice rockets (slang for Japanese liter bikes). These two bikes had some aggressive styling. One of them was the production model and the other was one of the actual WSBK ..i was impressed from the get go.

Since I was a day early, I decided to hitch a ride on the bus with the earlier group of riders to the racing circuit just to get a feel of things. Upon arrival, I was soo excited that I couldnt contain it. Not only was it my first time at a race track, but it was a preview of what and where I was gonna be in the next two days…doing what I always loved and doing it on something brand new.

The BMW S1000RR…I gotta tell you. This bike sounds SWEEEEET!!! Looks Bad Ass!!! and from what the other riders told me…rides like a bat out of hell!! 
Just a quick preview. 193 BHP, 200 KG (Wet; with oils and gas). These arent funny numbers, ladies and gents…They are quite simply astonishing.

I. Can’t. Wait.”

Thanks Masoud, we also can’t wait for more updates…keep the fingers typen and the knees’ dragen 😉