Race Ready

November 1, 2009 by

Race ready

Yesterday was Masoud’s 3rd day on the track with the S1000RR, below is his update.

“Where do I begin…Its 5 hours later and I’m still on that adrenaline fix (no pun intended). This wont be a full update…I’ll leave that till I get back home and get my bearings balanced again.
I started off riding in the Red group (the medium to fast group). I was riding up so hard on the instructor that he later put in me in the black group (fast group). Keep in mind that this was my first ever ride on a race track with full leather kit! The only faster group was the double black group and that consisted only of 3 guys that race in the IDM championship. The bike I was riding had a lot to do with that. It was EASY to ride fast!
Keep in mind that the track we were on wasnt the fastest type of track. We never got out of 4th gear. The straight aways were’nt long enough for all on full throttle (I was poppin mad wheelies down the straight pretty much every chance i got).
I cant wait to try this bad boy on the open road (and to try it out head to head with some rice rockets).

I’m gonna leave y’all with some pics and a short video (taken with my mobile phone). I have lots of footage that I’ll have to dump on my laptop from the HD camera when I get back.
Just some quick hits to keep y’all salivating:

-Power wheelies in 3rd gear are a cinch!
-My knee sliders are scratched up like a mofo
-The bike IS as fast as it sounds!
-It looks gooooood (especially in black)
-I cant stress this enough… 193 BHP vs 203 KG (Wet Weight)

Riding on a closed circuit is a beautiful thing. You can push yourself to limits that your bike will thank you for later. When done correctly (the right gear, right bike set up, right tires), there is no other feeliong that beats it.

Who would of thunk it? A BMW Super Sport?

Hell yeah… the S1000RR.”



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