November 25, 2009 by

Last Friday i had a small accident, i fell of my bike…the road was straight and my speed was around 70-80km,  all i can recall is that i felt like i have hit something and the front wheel started shaking i tried to ease the head shake by accelerating to unload the weight of the front wheel… it worked for a couple of seconds just to come back harder than before and the bike became like a raging bull on a rodeo ring and throw me away.

I managed to stand up and walk away from the street, my nose was bleeding as i was wearing an open face helmet with the visor removed …any way i ended up with a dislocated left shoulder, dislocated right pinky, cracked left toe, deeply scuffed right knee and a broken nose…i could have avoided the nose injury if i was wearing a full face helmet, and the knee cut if i was wearing my riding jeans not a regular jeans.

Now am all wrapped up like a mummy and enjoying the pain killers high, i just realized that 5 days already passed