دريول وحمال

November 30, 2009 by

“This post took three days to complete, as am not able to use more than three fingers”

For the past week i have in and out of hospitals quit a few times, most of them in an ambulance…now the funny thing is the ambulance crew – at least the couple i’v been to- are from different nationalities…you would find an Arab with a Philippino or Indian, the Arab can do little english hardly enough to order combo meal from Macdonalds…the Philippino and the Indian can also do little Arabic much better than the Arab english…so i leave u to imagine the kind of communication between them..how long would it take to convey massage.

The other day my nose started bleeding, at first i thought it will stop in a minute or two, but the bleeding became worse and so much like water fountain -not joking- and since am all wrapped up and not very mobile my mom -who happened to be next to me at the time- called the ambulance…after 30min and a 100 calls to 777 telling them that i started to lose conscious they arrive and tried to stop the bleeding by using ice but after some time they realized it can’t be stopped and they need to take me to a hospital, so they take me to Al-Amiri and am in the emergency room bleeding, vomiting clotted blood, and suffocating waiting for a doctor to take a look at me, and all the nurses could do is push the trash-with their foot- closer to my bed and ask to to aim right and not mess up the floor!!!!!

15 min later an Indian doctor shows up with yellow smile asks the nurse for some gauze, stuffted it in my nose and asked why was i brought here…i should have been taken directly to the Ear, Nose and Throat hospital !!!

While he was saying that a guy comes in and ask them to clear the room and get ready for a critical condition on the way, i was pushed quickly to the next room and a couple of minutes later comes the critical condition a 103 years age man who was already dead !!!

So if you think what you see at ER episodes -medical drama series- on TV happens here then am sorry to disappoint you…and as my friend descried the ambulance crew are no more than “دريول وحمال”  and a former taxi dispatcher at other end of the radio.

To be continued…