Dislocated shoulder

December 1, 2009 by

When i first fell the ambulance took me to Al Amiri hospital, i was examined,  x-rayed, and a doctor explained my injuries and said we might need to give you full anesthesia to fix your dislocated shoulder, then he comes back and says its better we send to the pros’ at Al Razi and they fix it for you there.

30min later am on an ambulance heading to Al Razi, once there i was examined by “senior” kuwaiti doctor the x-rayed again, the doctor decided that my shoulder is ok and its not dislocated !!!! but i know how a dislocated shoulder feel so i asked my brother to find another doctor to take a look at my shoulder, so he goes and comes back with a junior doctor -young Kuwaiti- the guy takes a look at my shoulder and the x-rays then says: i think its dislocated, but let us take some more x-rays from diffrent angles…so we did and he confirmed the dislocation then goes and asks the other senior doctor to come and reexamine the shoulder again…which he did, and again confirms its not dislocated and walks away !!!!

So we ask the junior doctor what he thinks, and he says i think its dislocated but the boss said its not, and am like a solider here if the commander in chef says something i have to obay!!

So in order not to embarrass him anymore we asked him if could just lead us to another doctor and we will ask for a second opinion, then he asks us to just wait for a while….he walks away and comes back with another doctor and a male nurse…they close the curtains and and agree on who will pull what and who will hold what…then start pulling and tilting… 10 sec my shoulder is back in place..and what pain reliever that was.

Later my brother comes in smiling and says that he just had a chat with the doctor and apparently he is also a biker and just bought his Ducati 1198 a couple of weeks back.

Thanks Dr.Bashar.