The best pain killer ever

January 4, 2010 by

It has been 44 days since i had my accident and i have been on pain killers almost every day for the past 44 days….the reason am still on pain killers is that my shoulder is still hurting and according to the doctor it could take up to 3 month for the pain to go away completely …now the problem with the pain killer am taking is that its very strong to an extend that you can’t do anything that requires concentration…its like being high on drugs, its not a bad feeling at all.. its actually a nice one, it puts you in a very cool mood, but you can’t concentrate so you can’t work, a simple task like writing an email could take forever !!

Yesterday the weather was nice, and the movement of my shoulder became much better so i decided to take the bike for a spin… i told myself that am gona ride slowly and just enjoy the sun and cool breeze…after 10 minutes on the bike the blood start circulating faster, my glands start secreting that Epinephrine hormone, Epinephrine reaches my brain…my brain tells my right hand to twist the throttle a bit more and unleash some of the 173hps’ between my legs….the more i twist the throttle the bigger the Epinephrine dose become… i start feeling better, and all my pains disappear, ahhhh i feel alive again ….my brain is clear as if i drank a gallon of coffee, i feel like a teen again…yes thats the power of Epinephrine, i guess thats why they call us Adrenaline junkies.

Long live Adrenaline, the best pain killer ever.