A bike with a Guardian Angel

January 11, 2010 by

Tristar gave me the new BMW S1000RR to ride on the weekend, i had to promise not to rev it to more than 9,000 rpm – a promise i broke at the first red traffic light turned green-, i don’t know where to start in describing the double RR, the bike is the size of 600cc but with a 1000cc engine, it has a very nice seating position…and all the technology that BMW is famous for -Race ABS, Race Traction Control, Shift Assist, 4 riding modes..etc -.

It took me some time to build trust in the technology and put it to the test, when i say putting it to the test i mean taking the bike to the limits…and frankly i couldn’t take it to the limit – i guess am getting old -.The bike is fast, very fast, very very very fast…and very stable, don’t worry about accidental wheelies, or wheel spins when accelerating hard just switch on the Traction Control and let it correct all this….all you have to do is fully open the throttle and steer the bike and the bike will take care of the rest.

The traffic light turns green i fully open throttle from a standing still and the bike jumps, no wheel spins no wheelies just fast acceleration..shift to second gear and bike wheelies a bit, a controlled wheelie, a wheelie that you don’t have to worry about, a wheelie that require no input from your side to bring it down, the onboard computer will bring it down when it feels its getting a bit higher than it should be or when you lean the bike into a turn !!!

Take the bike into a sharp corner and keep that throttle open, don’t worry about a sliding back wheel..the bike will correct any slides that may occare, just keep that throttle open and steer the bike to where you want to go…u’ll feel the back slide a bit then it automatically correct itself…its like having a guardian angel by your side that brings every thing back to where it belongs.

It reminded me when Porsche first introduced traction control, before that Porsche was known to slide at hardhigh speed corners, at the time not everybody could control it, but after Porsche introduced traction control everyone became a race driver, the car will automatically correct its course without the driver even feeling it.

The bike is so dam powerful, but its breaks are even much more powerful…i had much fun in braking hard than accelerating hard, i bet you it can stop where you want it to stop -if not closer- no matter how fast you were going.

I had the bike on Race mode and i came to a street that was wet, and automatically the bike changes the riding mode to Rain !!!

The little review above above is nothing near experiencing the real the thing, i was shouting and laughing and going Ho..Ho…Ho..inside my helmet for a whole weekend…i had so much rush that sometimes i felt am gona OD on adrenaline and faint.

The bike is available for test rides, all you have to do is call TriSatr to schedule yours.