The next big thing

January 27, 2010 by

Apple just launched the iPad, the device is just a bigger iPhone but without the phone, but with 3G connection that we can use to place VOIP calls, a lot of people my have been disappointed or was expecting something much more interesting than just a bigger iPodiPhone, but i was expecting this since the day i got addicted to my iPhone, the damn thing dosn’t leave my goes to all the places i go to especially the toilet in the morning, either to listen to music while showering or to check and answer emails while….

I can conduct around 70% of my office work communication using my iPhone but at so many occasions i wished it had a bigger screen, faster processor, better battery life, and the ability to save files and openplay different media formats, the same goes for my laptop i always wanted a faster, lighter 12 inch Mac with better battery life -am still using my 12″ PB G4-.

With the new iPad i believe i can do it all, and i very much belive its going to be the next and only businessentertainment gadget one will ever need…come to think of it at the office most of us use their computers for email, internet, and socializing, at home we use our laptops for the same plus watching movie, listing to music, and gaming, the iPad will do all that and maybe more, so i guess we’ll soon say goodbye to our laptops or we’ll just use them edit home movies.