Roar Baby Roar

March 7, 2010 by

All the photos i took were bad because of the weather so i decided to use a stock photo

Early morning on Saturday  i started getting the usual SMSs’ form the guys asking me to wake up and join them for a ride, they knew i had the RSV4 Factory and they wanted to see how it performs and properly take it for a spin….i wasn’t interested in waking up early because i thought its still dusty outside, but i took a peak from behind the curtains and the next thing you know am doing +200km/h on the first curve that came my way… -it’s only when the curve ended i realized how fast i was going!-

The first thing you’ll notice about this bike is its tiny size and when i say tiny i mean light and tiny…i never been on one liter bike that is so small ‘n light, i think its even smaller than a 600cc bike.. seams this is the trend now!! once you are on the bike you become a transformer, your body grows 2 wheels and your balls becomes the engine…the bike literary disappears between your legs the only thing that you see from the bike is its side mirrors which are surprisingly functional !!!

The bike is more of a track bike, too firm to be road-practical..riding position is very racy with low clip-ons and high foot pegs, slipper clutch to prevent rear wheel lock-ups, and Brembo Monobloc four-piston brakes that you’ll enjoy touching…altering the center of gravity is made easy by only changing the position of a couple of screws…it has a lot power and goes mental once it reaches 10,000 rpm, but all that can be tamed down by changing the riding mode with a press of a button…but why tame it down when you can push it hard and enjoy the side effects, at the end of the day it’s not how much power you have, its how you use it.

The v4 engine is perfect, it has the horse power of a straight four and the soundfeel of the V twin…fire up the engine up and you’ll hear a very distinctive roar, a roar that can only come form an Italian bike, a roar that takes you back in time…back to when bikes sounded like bikes, engage the gear and that roar changes into a more deeper aggressive roar!!!

Its Ohlins suspension is so damn beautiful, it reads every little bump on the road and feeds it back to your hands, take the bike into a long curve on an uneven road and let it play its melody to your hands and rear….if you are into high speedon the throttle curves, wheelies, and going into roundabouts with a sliding back wheel, then this is your dream bike…this is a bike with a character, a bike with killer looks, a bike that you’ll need to talk to before riding it, a bike that talks back to you …a bike that asks you to push it hard, and shakes its head to tell you when you are over doing it.

The bike is available for test rides, call Bike World to schedule yours and don’t forget to convey my greetings to the bike.