Release the Power

November 15, 2010 by
Having to meet the stringent anti-pollution rules and environmental requirements of the European emission standards, factories’ engineers had to linear the air fuel mixture of engines, and that had a negative effect on performance, thats why we use devices like Power Commanders, Tune Boy, Rapid Bike..etc, BoosterPlug is a cool plug and play gadget for your beemer that require no Dyno tuning, it will trick the ECU to think the air temperature is lower than the actual readings, and the ECU will richen the airfuel mixture by a certain amount -from aprox 14,4 : 1 to 13,6 : 1 – which will make your bike run much better and smother, and it will :
• Improve and softer throttle response when rolling the throttle on-off. 

• Remove the Jerky low speed running that is typical for modern lean burn engines.
• Reduce Puffing in your aftermarket exhaust on engine braking.

BoosterPlug is only available for most BMW motorcycles and and the Triumph Tiger 1050.