Can you see me now?

April 4, 2011 by

GoPro is my favorite HD cam, its tiny, has good battery life, rigid housing, captures great HD videos and has lots of accessories.

And now its possible to shot 3D video’s using the new 3D housing, of course u’ll still need the 3D glasses to watch it but you wont need the 3D TV because apparently you can watch 3D vedios on your laptop !!

This is how it works “ The 3D HERO System captures 3D by filming two separate 2D videos from slightly different perspectives — similarly to how our two human eyes see the world from two slightly different perspectives. Then GoPro Cineform Studio software is used to combine and convert these two slightly offset videos into a single 3D video, just like our brains form a single “view” from our left and right eyes. Once this 3D video or photo file has been created, you can watch it on your computer, online, or on any 2D or 3D TV. ”

I never knew that one can upload and watch 3D videos on YouTube, and frankly i believe wareing glasses to watch a movie is ridiculous and takes away the pleasure of watching 3D movies.