Finding old friends

July 2, 2011 by

The below message was sent to the blog email..

Dear all ,

I wish that mr Jafar Bebehani will read this mail .

I was in Kuwait some 10 or 15 years ago enjoying the friendship of a fantastic guy , mr Jafar and of all the other riders that on Friday morning were gathering themselves for the weekly ride.

It was really a good time and I bought a Ducati 916 SP3 and an HD 883 from Desert Star.

I think I was the only Italian riding with the group, so I hope that somebody remembers me.

I should be from 10 to 16th of july in Kuwait for a business trip, and  I’ll be very pleased to meet some of the old friends.

If mr Jafar will read the mail I’ll be pleased if he can send me a message with the mobile number.


mob. +39 335 6541706

Well Mr.RICCHETTI if your Ducati had a “Fast By Ferracci” exhaust system then i remember you, and am sure a couple of the guys who used to ride in that group do remember you….nothing has changed we are still riding and racing like kids and then stop for coffee to start lying about who beat who :-).

Am sure Mr.Jaffar well be reading this post and will be replying, we would love to see you when you are back in Kuwait.