Best Of Ramadan

August 4, 2011 by

The title might be misleading but am referring to TV commercials.

Every Ramdan most of the local banks and telecom companies air their new TVCs’ on local satellite TV channels, a trend that picked up around 7-8 years ago when watching satellite channels was the thing to do -for some reason- in Ramadan !

Now with all the smart phones, ipads, social media and other micro communication tools, does anyone watch TV anymore, you know like we used to in the old days ?  like a family spending the evening around TV watching a movie or a TV show form a satellite channel.

I think we still do but the numbers are very little and doesn’t justify the money spent for advertising on these channels, i believe the internet has morphed satellite TV and turned it into an entertainment tool for kids and the elderly…those who aren’t using the internet yet or have nothing better to do on their laptops, ipads or smart phones.

Personally i only watch the news from satellite channels like Jazeera, Arabia, BBC, and sports channels like ESPN and Eurosport, i also watch movies that i download. But whenever i feel like wasting time i watch satellite TV, i just keep flipping between channels until i feel dizzy and go to sleep.

What i wanted to say is that i have watched almost all of ramadan TV commercials form NBK, Zain, GulfBank etc. either on my laptop or on my iphone and believe it or not i haven’t seen any of them on TV yet.

If you would like to watch them visit Blog 37,i think he posted all of them :-* فُـله .