August 6, 2011 by

I have been hesitant to upgrade to Lion fearing compatibility issues, but after reading some reviews and a lot of googling i finaly upgraded. While installing, Lion checks for incompatible softwares and place them in a special folder.. i had only one incompatible software which i don’t use, i even did not know i still have it.

The finder windows has a new look, the systems prefs got some nice upgrades especially the Trackpad pane which now has lots of new gestures, the Users & Groups pane and the Mail app got some new features as well. The new trackpad gestures makes you feel as if you are using completely new apps, most of the apps can now run in full screen, a great feature if you are using a Mac with a small screen.

What i did not like is the Launchpad feature, a feature Apple bragged a lot about. The feature displays all your apps including some of the installers and the uninstallers!! but unlike the i devices you can’t remove any of the apps form the Launchpad, and the only way to hide these apps is by grouping them in a folder !!

I have been using the system the whole day today, and am still discovering new features, which i believe will take some time to remember, getting used to and start using them.

I downloaded Lion using this torrent