Listen Zain

August 19, 2011 by

A couple of days back we got an invitation form Zain social media team to participate in the Q&A session with @ZainKuwaitCEO, the event is organized for the bloggers and the tweeters to chat directly with the CEO and other head of departments at Zain Kuwait like to ask them the questions that a phone call to 107 won’t answer.

The event took place yesterday at Zain HQ, the atmosphere was nice and humble thanks to the CEO and his sense of humor that broke the ice and encouraged the audience to speak their minds. Mr.Al-Omar discussed the shift in the company social strategy and the reasons behind the it and resin behind losing interest in some social and sport events, he also talked about the roamers that spreads on the social media channels, the way they respond to it -or not- , and the impact of such roamers.

A lot of questions were asked, personal experiences were shared, new services requested, and enhancements on current ones, which the management agreed to take action on immediately !

The new online bill was also featured in the event, Mr.Al Mutawaq hosted a walk thru presentation of the bill, he explained the amount of details one can get out of it, and the simplicity in reading these information. It doesn’t matter if you have only one line or you are a company with over a 100 lines, the new online bill will help you to easily manage your account, you can also upload your address book and get the call log by name instead of numbers.

Finally i would like to thank Zain for their transparency and hope it becomes contagious and infect the ISP’s.