No dealers needed !

December 6, 2011 by

Harley-Davidson owners were required to visit the Harley dealer whenever they do any engine upgrades, but now with the new updated Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Tuner they can upload and install the latest factory ECM calibrations to match specific hardware upgrades. They can install factory-calibrated ECM software that will deliver the best all-around performance for a specific model and its state of tune after any EPA-compliant performance modifications are made to an EFI-equipped Harley.
The revised Street Performance Tuner also gives the owner the ability to view and clear ECM trouble codes, and to collect real-time vehicle data, which can then be displayed on a computer screen. The kit also includes the Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) module that records up to 15 minutes of run-time data on up to 27 variables that can be downloaded to a PC. Using the included software, the motorcycle owner or a technician can evaluate engine operating parameters such as the air/fuel ratio, O2 sensor readings, engine speed and temperature, RPM and vehicle speed, throttle position, spark advance, and many more performance characteristics of the motorcycle. The VCI will also record and display service codes for troubleshooting and diagnostics.The Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance kit costs $249.95 and may be installed on 2007-later Sportser and XR, Dyna, Softail and Touring models (except Trike).