Pay attention to details

January 16, 2012 by



I had my Optimate 3+ for over 2 years now, it got a lot of beating and water splashing i actually ran over a couple of times while parking the bike…it still function very well. I have been using it to maintain the bike batteries and the battery of an old car i have in the garage, although it takes a couple of days to fully charge the car battery but it does the job.

I usually park one of my bikes at the office and the rest at home, and after a couple let downs by the bike parked at the office i decided to get another battery maintainer and keep it at the office parking. I looked around locally for something small yet tough, one that is water resistant and can charge car batteries as well but i did not find any. So i decided to order one over the net, did some googling and finally ended up getting the Genius G3500. The G3500 is an 8 Step fully automatic charger, it charges 6V & 12V Wet, Gel, MF & AGM batteries. It’s almost the size of a Pepsi can, light, tough water resistant and very nicely packed. I also ordered extra connecters for all the bikes.

Now the only this i did not notice while reading the specs before ordering is that it only takes 110-120 VAC and not 220-240 VAC !!

So i am gona need a step down transformers :(.