Conquering the soul !

May 25, 2013 by

A couple of years back when BMW launched the S1000RR no one expected that this bike will dominate the super bikes for that long, the RR is still by far the most powerful production bike on the market its even much more powerful than some 1300cc bikes. But for riders with a twin engine fetish, you’ll need much more than horse power to capture their attention, you need a bike with soul, a bike with a character, a bike with a history, a bike that makes riders reminisce.

I guess BMW doesn’t need me to tell them this, they were smart enough to figure it out them self’s. So they decided to recreate the BMW R 90 S and because they have a lot of money they didn’t bother going back to the drawing boards, they decided to ride on someones else back, someone rebellious, someone that can put some soul in the dead long dead R90S.

And in it’s quest for nostalgia, BMW landed on Roland Sands and apparently -according to the video- they weren’t sure if Ronald Sands will admit them !!

I can tell you that Roland Sands created a cool looking bike from that dead R90S, but will it appeal to the cafe racers, will it have the soul, will it be rebellious, will it be fast, will it be noisy and wild just like it used be back in the days ?

I guess we’ll never know until we ride it, or at least see it in person.

If this bike manages to deliver what BMW had in mind then and only then we can say that BMW succeeded in Conquering the minds and souls.